D’Brickashaw Ferguson Once Appeared On ‘Wild & Crazy Kids’

02.19.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

People know D’Brickashaw Ferguson as a solid left tackle for the Jets whose name helped to inspire that “Key and Peele” sketch about football player names. What some don’t know is that he once competed on the early ’90s Nickelodeon game show “Wild & Crazy Kids”. D’Brickashaw appeared in a segment with him on a bike racing against another kid on a horse. I skimmed through what footage of the show is available online, but was unable to find any clips of the episode D’Brickashaw took part in. For what it’s worth, here’s a different running of the same event. Just picture a giant black kid. Sounds like something you do all the time.

It really is a shame that the footage isn’t available, because I picture D’Brickashaw dwarfing all the other kids the way Andy Reid did when the coach participated in the Punt, Pass & Kick competition back in 1971.

Given that the league throws half-assed support behind its NFL Play 60 campaign to battle childhood obesity, I see no reason why NFL Network can’t have its own take-off of “Wild & Crazy Kids” on its flagship cable network during the off-season. They could get D’Brockashaw to host. I’m sure he’d just have the kids run Oklahoma drills, but don’t tell me that wouldn’t be decent filler programming for the off-season.

[h/t – @BurritoBrosShits]

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