John Allen Muhammad Is In Hell

11.10.09 8 years ago 27 Comments

It’s remarkable, yet unfathomable how the basic human instinct for the need of self-preservation works. If you should choose, with your natural right of being a free individual, to use that right to kill other human beings for the sake of sport, obviously you clocked out of the Rationalityville some time ago.

Still, the D.C. Sniper a.k.a. John Allen Muhammad exhausted all his appeal opportunities in trying to reverse his sentence into life imprisonment. Like gripping prison bars somehow gave him a shocking revelation that he was indeed evil.

Glad his clemency was denied.

If you weren’t remorseful, had any logical motive for your crime–whatsover, stand tall for your sins whether wrong or more wrong. Capital punishment is a shaky subject that only applies in specific cases. It doesn’t get any more downright than this. In all actuality, he’s getting off easy with the lethal injection. He deserves the chair with failure to wet the sponge © The Green Mile. Same goes for his boyfriend Lee Boyd Malvo.

Hope you’re taking notes and selecting your veins Maj. Nidal Hasan. You’re next.

D.C.-Area Sniper Set To Be Executed At 9 P.M. EST [MSNBC]

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