Dead Island Roundup, Starring Jason Voorhees

09.12.11 6 years ago

Techland has announced the release of The Bloodbath Arena pack later this month. It’s downloadable content for Dead Island which includes four survival maps with unlimited hordes to battle and allows for co-op play. No price has been announced, but anyone who bought the special edition will get the DLC for free.
After the jump, we’ve got an Easter egg and some of the funniest glitches from the game. And there were a lot of glitches to choose from; they accidentally released the developer version instead of the retail version for download, and several videos were made before the patch came out. But getting back to the headline of this post, there’s an Easter egg of sorts in the game inspired by Friday the 13th and other horror movies. There’s a character called Jason who wears a hockey mask. Unlike the Jason in the movies, this one talks and you can kill him. After killing him, you can take his machete. Better yet, if you search his hut you find a chainsaw. The first video below shows what happens when you give a zombie hunter a chainsaw. We know one zombie who’s going to need Preparation H.
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And you don’t even have to pay a quarter to ride in this bouncing car.

Several more glitch videos available at Unreality.

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