‘Dead Or Alive 5’: What The Hell Is This Thing?

Senior Contributor
10.02.12 13 Comments

Hey, help me out here: What the f*** is this thing?

I mean, I have a factual answer: It’s part of the free DLC for Dead Or Alive 5 for the DJ, Zack. In the middle of all the booby costumes and traditional Japanese outfits, though, there’s some sort of insane Teletubby/Iron Man/Daft Punk… tribute… fetish… thing.

Granted, the series has never been terribly subtle about Zack’s sexuality, especially that very weird moment with Leon in the second game that pretty much reads exactly like a dude pretending he didn’t totally hook up with this other dude and his awkward attempts to hit on Tina. And yes, Team Ninja is also far from a bastion in taste and restraint in gaming, even by the standards of the Japanese, who are not like us.

That said, this will make for some amazing and hilarious cosplay. Which may be the entire point.

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