Dear EA: Darn Right We Want Some “Mutant League Football”!

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As you may have heard, once you finish the “Blitz Gauntlet” mode in “NFL Blitz” for the PS3 and XBox 360, you get a team of zombies. Yeah, snore, we didn’t care either. Every game has a zombie mode. Nintendo has a zombie dog for its next round of Nintendogs.

Kotaku, however, took a closer look and spotted “Mutant League Football” on their jerseys. This immmediately was followed by some speculation that we were maybe finally possibly sorta going to see a reboot for a franchise that has been dormant for nearly twenty freaking years.

So, EA, if you’re reading: yes, we want some Mutant League Football. Let us lay your concerns to rest about it competing with your Madden franchise, for we loathe Madden and would never let it in the drive of our consoles. But we would absolutely pay five to ten bucks to download the original game, which was actually fairly well designed and fun at the time, and experience some nostalgia.

We would also pay sixty bucks for a new, redesigned game.

And while you’re at it: Wing Commander?

[ via the Sixty Whiners at Kotaku ]

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