Dear Labels, Go Find Dondada Young*

04.11.12 6 years ago 70 Comments

Every hood in America holds that one cat with an uncanny sense of humor, an elephant’s memory to recall details, an ill ability to take in his surroundings and twist those experiences up into really cool rhymes. That one guy who can rap his ass off but probably won’t ever be heard much further than a stone’s throw from the stoop. In Greenville, South Carolina, that guy would be named Dondada Young (at least that’s his Twitter handle and what’s listed on his Facebook info).

But thank God for YouTube and mi hermano Chess pulling my coat to the video below because holy sh*t, good godd*mn this man got quotables – all done while using a banister and his hands for the percussion and throwing in a makeshift chorus too.

*A regular dude in South Carolina? Wearing Coogi? Rappin’ in between bites? He’s definitely not coming to you so book a flight, bring a check or a cash advance in small bills only, sign him and look like a genius.

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