Dee-1 – “Garden Of Eden” Video

11.21.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

In an ideal world, every child would have two parents, a safe neighborhood and trust fund to attend college without the burden of loans. Unfortunately, just like Tip declared four years ago, “life ain’t always a dream and horrible sh*t happens.” Dee-1 brings the incredibly personal and reflective “Garden Of Eden” to life; a brilliant move by he and his team to push one of his better songs to date from this year’s I Hope They Hear Me, Vol. 2. Children lose their innocence every day from manipulative adults, other children and the environment they’re cultivated in. Here, Dee and the sultry voice of Kennedi Rayne paint the picture of a young kid only concerned with staying out of trouble, improving his left hand dribble and seeing his girl. These weightless concerns are eliminated in the blink of an eye when life presents its darker sides with the kid having a front row seat.

The visual doesn’t boast a million dollar budget, nor does it the authenticity. Dee’s storytelling was sharp enough to drive home the point. And if you’re still wondering what that exactly, maybe you try climbing from underneath that rock you submerged under.

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