Dee-1 Knocks Out A Cop, Steals Women’s Hearts

11.24.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Contrary to what Hip-Hop would lead a person to believe, there are some good cops out there. For the remaining 98% of you who love making people’s lives living hell by abusing your power, Dee-1 speaks for us all when he knocks one of your brothers, in the words of the eternal Smokey, “the f*ck out!” And we’ve got it on video.

Ok, to be fair, Dee-1 one did so on his acting gig for HBO’s Treme, but a win is a win nonetheless. Dee, playing the role of “Percy Mackie,” is a guy who has done bad, attempting to do good, but cannot avoid bad in the process (hiding his brother from the police). Mackie eventually crossed path with one of New Orleans finest grimiest, and from there tensions escalate to the point where one man is left laying on the ground wondering what the hell just happened. And it’s not Dee either.

Feel free to view the episode below as well the visual for “Love Me Some You,” a special gift Dee gave us all in excitement for his first acting role. I see the hustle and I respect it, Dee. Move forth, brother.

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