Dee-1 Releases “Drake Concert” + “Jason Geter” Video

05.29.14 3 years ago

When I look back on my life, and the ups and downs that I’ve experienced
I’m so thankful, because I believe the journey’s more important than the destination
That’s why there’s no beef, no salt, no hating…

Between “Drake Concert” and “Jason Geter,” Dee-1’s been intricately sharing the tale of his come-up. Dee’s always been one of the most honest rappers in the game right now, but these two records have combined that element with stronger production and better overall song crafting to land among the strongest songs he’s ever made. “Drake Concert” illustrates the dichotomy of him attending two Drake shows, the first to stand outside handing out mixtapes, and the second to perform as an opener.

My personal pick between the two, “Jason Geter” shows his struggle to meet T.I.’s manager and business partner. The video vividly brings to life Dee-1’s multiple trips to Atlanta in search of Jason Geter, and ultimately is a testament to the fire within his records that’s made him a favorite around these parts. It’s a haunting song that illustrates just how difficult the path is for an up-and-comer alongside the overwhelming amount of obstacles and the relentless effort it takes to overcome them to make those first steps as an artist.

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