Dee-1 Retells His Quest To Find “Jason Geter”

05.08.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Dee-1 Jason Geter

Certain artists just bleed honesty and Dee-1 is one of them. One of those people who don’t even know how to be less than 100, because by keeping it real, there’s no backtracking. For the lead track to his upcoming mixtape Good Luck With That, the New Orleans rapper moves forward with his life on wax, delivering his “Jason Geter” story for fans and maybe more importantly, himself.

Using five minutes of vivid details to send listeners on a movie like ride where you have no idea what’s coming next, Dee recalls the journey he went through to meet the Grand Hustle executive and the relationship that formed as a result, all backed by haunting production from 5th Child.

Instead of giving away the ending, let’s just say this – most artists wouldn’t have the sack to make this song. Then again, most artists can’t make songs that give listeners the chills, either.

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