Dee-1 Becomes Robin Hood In His “Walking Revolution” Video

09.27.13 4 years ago 11 Comments


Dee-1 had a budget for a music video, and chances are you’ll never guess what he did with the money.

He’s always prided himself a man of the people, especially in his hometown of New Orleans. Using the video’s money to buy groceries, Dee travels around the city with brown paper bags stuffed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (a little less than 300), a bag of chips and a bottled water handing them to residents of The Big Easy who have no roof over their head to call home. Without ruining the visual, the LSU graduate (moonlighting as “Robin Hood” here) takes it one step further towards the end.

Ultimately, “Walking Revolution” showcases an undeniable truth. Dee continues his improvement as a rapper. That much is a given and hopefully comes full circle on his forthcoming project Psalms of David II. Also, putting his city’s homelessness issue on his shoulders isn’t all that surprising given the conscious and painful subject matter he’s made a musical career out of thus far.

Dee may not believe handing out a few free meals to those in need constitutes as “saving the world.” But it’s a blessing to know some out there are actually trying to anyway.

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