Derrick Rose Is Sort Of Hunting For LeBron James

07.10.13 4 years ago 19 Comments

In less than a minute, Derrick Rose’s “vengeance” video increased my anticipation for the new NBA season from a “camel-on-hump-day” happy to “Martin-hitting-the-lottery” happy.

Prior to clicking play though, realize the video is fan made and the voice heard is John Harrison from Star Trek: Into The Darkness. Derrick Rose nor adidas had no part whatsoever in the video. However, the amount of truth found in the clip is on a million. I’m cool with plenty of Bulls fans. A lot them know their basketball far beyond their own team, so they’re good in my book. That is, until, the subject of one player in particular arises, LeBron James.

It’s no secret the the city of Chicago is far from fond of LeBron. Look no further than Joakim Noah and this billboard from 2011. And personally, I couldn’t be happier. With whatever it is going on in Beantown, the return of Rose, Brooklyn enlisting the geriatric coalition of Garnett, Pierce and Terry and Indiana locking down David West while adding bench support signifies the top tier of the East is on high alert. Objectively, it also means Miami advancing to a fourth straight Finals next year (which hasn’t happened since the Celtics of the ’80s) will be more difficult than its ever been.

Subjectively, I ain’t got no worries. For now. The smell of true hatred is an aroma I’ve come to be quite fond of and yearn over the years. Do not bark up that tree, Rose/Bulls fanatics. That tree (James) will fall (or flop, whatever) on you. Again.


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