Eagles DeSean Jackson Wants To Rap Because Rapping Athletes Never Goes Wrong

10.03.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Allen Iverson has “Jewelz,” Ron Artest has “Champions,” Chris Johnson has this mess, and Shaq owns a discography section on his Wikipedia page. And just like the rest of his athlete-turnt-rapper brethren before him, it looks like DeSean Jackson’s eyeing a career outside of the NFL – a career in the music industry. While he maintains that rapping is just a hobby and will remain that way as long he’s playing professional football, it looks like the Eagles receiver is consistently laying down rhymes in his downtime.

When asked about his extracurriculars and his musical team, he told Yahoo! Sports that “Over the last five months, we’ve put together probably 120 tracks.” DeSean also revealed that he owns his own label, called Jaccpot (what’s the over/under on when Roger Goodell levies a fine for the Crip reference?) and that he’s working with longtime Bone Thugs and Snoop Doog producer, L.T. Hutton.

There’s no word on who’s signed on to distribute, but for his sake I hope he’s not talking to Atlantic, or it’ll be a matter of time before DeSean Jackson starts to Auto-Tune corny, football-related sweet nothings into America’s ears.

[Shutdown Corner]

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