Destoyer Of Defenses Faces Destroyer Of Quarterbacks

11.21.10 7 years ago 97 Comments

During the NBC pregame show, Dan Patrick asked Tony Dungy whether Michael Vick would be as good a quarterback without serving time in prison. Dungy said he would not. The NFL being a copycat league, we can be assured of a panoply of quarterbacks doing whatever they can to land themselves in the calaboose. Roethlisberger has to be pissed that he just can’t himself in the clink despite seemingly trying as hard as possible to get there.

Vick, meanwhile, has yet to throw an interception this season. In fact, he hasn’t thrown one since December 2006, which is a fact no way offset by the several years he spent incarcerated. Nevertheless, if there was any doubt that he is putting the NFL on a rape stand, it was eliminated last week against the Redskins. Ever since getting off to a horrid start, the Giants had been killing pretty much every quarterback they faced until that opposition fielded Jon Kitna against them. Still, I’m willing to chalk that up to the inherent weirdness of division contests.

Hopelessly this game should live up to its promise and be a worthwhile contest. If nothing else, at least we’ll be entertained with the way the broadcasters make fun of Andy Reid for the third straight week.

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