Destroyed TVs Fight Bacteria: See, Mom, TV is Good For You

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LCD TVs are awesome, mostly because they’re cheaper than plasma, and it’s really funny to pretend to be interested in a huge plasma at Best Buy, then slowly seem turned off by the sales pitch until you walk out the door with a smaller LCD. If you do it right, the salesman will go to 419-Eater levels to sell you the plasma.

Anyway, it turns out they have a use beyond making television affordable to the rest of us. LCDs are full of polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA), which science has not turned into sweet, sweet liquor, but something almost as good: a germ killing plastic. All they do is heat the PVA, then cool it, then dry it out with ethanol. And there you have it, an antimicrobial substance. You can even inject it with silver nanoparticles, to make it more effective. And with 2.5 billion LCD TVs about to die, there’s a lot of this stuff lying around.

Now we just need to figure out how to pitch this as “LCD TVs send out germ destroying waves”, and our lives will be complete.

[ via GizMag ]

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