Detroit Is Going To The Dogs. Packs Of Wild, Postal-Worker-Attacking Abandoned Dogs.

08.22.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


Before we get any further: Detroit’s slow trickle down the drain really is sad. Seeing the once-proud city fall on such desperate times is disheartening.

But sometimes, stories come around that just seem too quirky to pass up. Wild packs of dogs roaming and terrorizing some of the Motor City’s abandoned sectors? Sure. Step right up.

Per a Bloomberg report, estimates of the wild canines hover around 50,000. Unleashed, in packs, running sh*t.

“Aggressive dogs force the U.S. Postal Service to temporarily halt mail delivery in some neighborhoods, said Ed Moore, a Detroit-area spokesman. He said there were 25 reports of mail carriers bitten by dogs in Detroit from October through July…

“Mail carrier Catherine Guzik told of using pepper spray on swarms of tiny, ferocious dogs in a southwest Detroit neighborhood.

“’It’s like Chihuahuaville,’ Guzik said as she walked her route.”

Hard to imagine what the next third-world domino to fall will be and not sure I want to let my mind wander in that direction. Please get better, Detroit.

Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr

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