Detroit Vs. Chicago…

06.05.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

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I heard the rumors of a Detroit versus Chicago rap battle a few weeks ago, then lo and behold this popped up the other day on AllHipHop.

You can call me biased, because I’ve personally seen Moe Dirdee rock more than a few shows down in the depths of The D. But even I didn’t realize homie was capable of such microphone manslaughter. This is more unfair than the Wings against the Blackhawks in the Western Conference Finals.

After each emcee spit anywhere between 32 to 48 lines, the slighted delivery and dreary, never-ending bars from Windy City spitter Punch Line King stood no chance against Moe’s visually drawn-out jabs. If you look at confidence in the face of him, Quest MCody, Marvwon and the rest of the Mitten reps, you can tell that shit was just like Jim Ross’ face.

Lopsided as fuck.

Am I wrong?

Bonus ClipMoe Dirdee – 45 Shots Freestyle (Prod. By Black Milk)

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