Dez Bryant Didn’t Derp Last, But He Derped Best

10.14.12 5 years ago

Dez Bryant caught a touchdown late against the Ravens to pull Dallas within a two-point conversion of tying the game. On the attempt, Dallas went with the same back shoulder pass that scored the touchdown, because Cary Williams sucks too much to adjust to getting burned. But this time, the derpiness of Dez got the better of him and the ball sailed through his hands.

Of course, Dallas went on to recover the subsequent onside kick and was in position to win the game. There was almost a Dex Bryant error in their favor. Had he made the catch, they wouldn’t have even tried the onside kick. But trademark terrible clock management by the brilliant Princetonian mind of Jason Garrett forced the Cowboys to settle for a 51-yard attempt by Dan Bailey to win the game. But win the game he did not, so the Dallas comedy error remains a comedy instead of a victory they already herped and derped their way into.

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