REWIND: Puffy Says Craig Mack’s Working On His Second Album, Craig Mack Reacts Hilariously

01.24.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

This was just an all-around awkward and comical situation. As a point of reference, the above clip resonates from Yo! MTV Raps sometime in 1995. While chopping it up with the Bad Boy family, Fab 5 Freddy tosses out the status quo question nearly every reporter reaches for when attempting to kill time. You know, the one about future projects. And do realize Biggie’s sarcastic response flawlessly sets the scene for the remainder of the clip.

To be fair, Puff wasn’t lying when referencing future projects from Faith Evans, then-husband B.I.G. and the album which eventually became Life After Death. Those actually came to fruition. And seeing Puff pull his finest Nancy Kerrigan impression when asked about his solo album – despite Biggie’s instigating – was entertaining in its own right, too (probably because everyone in the room was aware Biggie was writing the majority of the material).

But it’s not hard to gauge Puff was bullshitting the entire time, especially when Freddy throws Craig Mack into the fire. The savvy businessman he is, Diddy plays it cool while making mention of Mack and the Bad Boy brain trust being well at work on the follow up to his 1994 debut, Project: Funk Da World.*

Mack’s reaction says it all.

* – Mack did eventually release his second (and final) album, Operation: Get Down. Just not on Bad Boy. After that, Mack dropped off the face of the planet and at last check had a weird church video that’s been circulating for quite some time.

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