Diddy Baits Internet With The Ripe For GIF-Making #DiddyJetDance

06.08.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Love him or hate him, Diddy has to be respected for remaining relevant (and rich) in this ever-changing industry after over 20 years in the game. So, naturally, Puffy’s relishing in his success by doing some fancy footwork to the musical stylings of Problem’s “Like Whaaat” outside of his private jet while dressed in a spiffy suit.

So folks, the next time you pass a random level on Candy Crush, or score the last pair of Jordans before Foot Locker ran out, hit the #DiddyJetDance and bask in your own awesomeness! Ke$ha’s “wake up in the morning, feeling like P. Diddy” never made so much sense until now.

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