Digital Comics Raked in $25 Million Last Year?

02.10.12 6 years ago

Day-and-date does wonders, huh?

In case you were wondering if digital comics were a passing fad, they made $500,000 in 2009, $8 million in 2010, and the numbers in for 2011 are $25 million.

That’s still only a single digit percentage of the market…but consider that DC was only selling digital comics day-and-date for a third of the year, and that Marvel wasn’t fully onboard with this day-and-date thing until after DC demonstrated it would make them lots and lots of money. In fact, Marvel is still pretty gun-shy with their digital strategy; digital availability is spotty at best at the House of Ideas.

2012 promises to be an interesting time for digital comics, to say the least.

image courtesy DC Comics

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