Substance Abuse Music: Dillan Ponders’ “DOWNTOWN”

06.10.14 3 years ago
dillan ponders downtown

Dillan Ponders

“Got a f*cked up twitch in my body, I ignore it/ Call me momma and what momma don’t know won’t hurt her, I got problems”

One extremely unique way to set yourself apart from rappers doing freestyle tracks to established singles is by completely re-producing the beat from scratch. That extra effort is exactly why Toronto rapper Dillan Ponders is getting a pass for swiping Drake and Weezy’s latest single to create one of his own, the intoxicating “DOWNTOWN.”

Full of just as much of Ponders’ well-rounded skill-set as his well-documented debauchery, the edgy track offers enough vulgar detail to warrant repeat listens and sets the tone for any vice-riddled atmosphere – two traits which go hand-in-hand perfectly.

Dillan’s The Boy Who Lived drops August 13.

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