Dirty Birds Vs. Dirtiest Birds

11.11.10 7 years ago 76 Comments

OF COURSE, the first Thursday night game of the year (at least of those broadcast on NFL Network) would be a better match-up than any primetime game from the previous week. For a contest between two teams considered Super Bowl contenders, there’s been remarkably little hype about this game. Maybe that’s because most media know considerable swaths of the country still don’t get NFLN. And though I will never mind having football on more days of the week, I acknowledge that Thursday NFL games might still be weird and unexpected for the more casual, bullshit fans.

I think this game provides pretty compelling storylines, actually. The suspense of who Le’Ron McClain spits on next has consumed my thoughts for days. I bet he does it Tony Gonzalez somehow, and Gonzo freaks out because he detects traces of meat products in his saliva. That crazy macrobiotic vegan!

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