Disney’s ‘Moana’ Halloween Costume Is Upsetting People For Being Culturally Insensitive


Walt Disney Pictures

Many children and adults are looking forward to Moana, Disney’s upcoming animated feature hitting theaters at Thanksgiving, about a South Pacific island princess who goes on an adventure with a demigod named Maui, voiced by The Rock. Given the timing, it’s understandable that some children might want to dress up in Moana-themed costumes for Halloween, so sensing the demand, Disney had the foresight to add costumes inspired by the film to its online store. Kids can dress up as either the titular princess Moana or as Maui.

There’s just, uh, one problem with the Maui costume.



A description reads: “Your little one will set off on adventures in this Maui Costume featuring the demigod’s signature tattoos, rope necklace and island-style skirt. Plus, padded arms and legs for mighty stature!” What it neglects to mention is the costume’s all-over brown skin tone, which some are describing as “full body brown face.”

In these culturally sensitive, politically correct times we’re living in, it would seem like a no-brainer that a costume depicting a specific race’s skin would cause a backlash, so you have to wonder who thought this was a good idea. Once the costume started making the rounds on Twitter earlier this week, people began tweeting their disappointment and outrage.

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