‘Beyond The Booth’ With DJ Burn One & Maurice Garland

08.06.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

Dj Burn One - Beyond The Booth

Stuck making beats in your basement, wondering why you’re not popping off? Soak up DJ Burn One’s advice in the latest episode of A3C Festival’s Beyond The Booth series.

Amidst preparation for this year’s highly-anticipated hip-hop extravaganza in ATL, Maurice Garland got to chop up game with Burn One about how he keeps his style so diverse in a GA neighborhood record shop named Super Sounds Music, where the producer extraordinaire actually used to work. Aside from speaking on how the store itself influenced his sound, the humbled hitmaker details how something simple as diversifying your surroundings can make a big difference for future producers, ensuring their sound never becomes stagnant.

Considering the man puts out more material than Jo Anne Fabrics and never stops expanding his own arsenal, watching below should really just be a no-brainier.

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