“2 Turn Tables And A Microphone”

12.02.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

DJ Crazy Toones is better than your favorite Hip-Hop DJ. His work behind the boards is not only technically impressive, but he has every West Coast rapper worth knowing in his corner and he brings out the best of them whenever he utilizes his contacts.

Proving his obvious love for the golden era of Hip-Hop, the incomparable DJ has been intermittingly releasing his own series of “Mix Blogs” over the last year and a half with MC’s such as WC, Young Malay and the aforementioned Bad Lucc recruited to rock over his cuts and scratches. His latest contains a breath-taking display of lyricism from Kurupt that cannot be explained without a listen. Just hit play.

Download — DJ Crazy Toones – The Complete Mix Blog Series | Alt. Link

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