DJ Khaled Scores A Hit, Lil B’s Album Bricks

07.08.11 6 years ago 53 Comments

Rarely do I care enough about the specifics of sales and chart movements to chatter about them but two from this week caught my attention.

1. Khaled scored his first number one tune as “I’m On One” landed at the top of R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. We may point and laugh at Khaled but he’s an artist whose goal is to make the most preposterous records he can make and, love or hate it, he does pretty well for himself. While he’s had other tracks make the top 10, “I’m On One” securing the top slot is warranted because it’s by far the best song of the summer. Now, one song may have little to no bearing on how good the whole project will be but Khaled’s officially the best for now.

2. Lil B scored a brick after I’m Gay only sold approximately 1,700 digital copies. Yeah, he gave the shit away but digital album sales are up, right? This is still the music business and one of his strongest cards was that he had such a zealot like appeal with audiences. But where we were all of these devout fans when it counted most? The man, the meme…the failed project.

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