DJ Premier Breaks Down Hits From His ‘Audio-Biography’ With The L.A. Leakers

05.14.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

L.A. Leakers DJ Premier Audio-Biography Cover Art

The title should sell the post itself, but for clarification purposes the legendary DJ Premier sat down with the L.A. Leakers to discuss some of his classic production credits on a mixtape called Leaks That Collected Dust, as part of the duo’s Audio-Biography series.

So, what’s Preemo discussing and are some snippets that have been said? The Houston native covers tracks like Mos Def’s “Mathematics,” Notorious B.I.G.’s “10 Crack Commandments,” Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” and Nas’ “Nas Is Like…”

When discussing “Mathematics,” the DJ states emphatically that it’s one of his favorite tracks he’s ever produced; and although he produced it for Mos, one emcee who heard it earlier was crossing his fingers that Mos wouldn’t want it. “And the beat, I was in L.A. at The Enterprise… And Scarface was there,” he says. “And I put it on and ‘Face wilded out! Like, really wilded out to where he was like, ‘yo…. I will body that beat. I hope Mos Def don’t want it.'”

Also, Common only got the beat for “The 6th Sense” because Rah Digga didn’t like it.

Anyways, less reading, more listening. Discover more about Premier’s work by streaming and downloading the whole thing below.


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