The Story Of When Suge Knight Chased DJ Whoo Kid Out Of The Club

01.19.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Remember in the 90s when Suge Knight may have very well been the most feared man in music? For one, Death Row was allegedly funded off drug money. Then there’s the whole Vanilla Ice/balcony story and other assorted stories of violence in the company’s daily operations created a shroud of invincibility around the label. And, at one point, Suge had a real “Big Three” of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac. Yeah, those days are long gone, but stories about Knight and his street muscle still make for interesting listens.

Here, DJ Whoo Kid reminisces on a time when Suge had damn near every Mexican gang in Los Angeles ready to skin him alive. According to the story, the beef was birthed due to Whoo Kid leaking the Pac and 50 Cent record “Realest Killaz,” which was actually slated to be on a Snoop Dogg album. Because of clearance issues, the record – featuring, at the time, a never-before-head verse from Shakur – was given to Whoo, he premiered it and the rest of history. The account is indeed wild and sounds like the DJ came within a few moments from having some major bodily harm laid upon him.

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