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Jonathan Vilma’s campaign of outward aggression toward Roger Goodell has been as persistent as it has been tremendous. The latest salvo comes in the form of signs denying Goodell service posted in the restaurant that Vilma owns along with fellow suspended linebacker D.J. Williams and non-suspended linebacker Jon Beason. Rich people get the best opportunities for petty revenge. The feud should really escalate when The Rog christens his new 50-foot yacht, SUSPENSION UPHELD.

An employee confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that the signs are, indeed, posted on all of the restaurant’s front windows and inside the dining room.

This is a fine start, but there’s certainly more room for hate. Much more. Signs are small potatoes, when you could actually make hating Goodell be the theme of your restaurant. What better way to set it apart? The first step is to put together a menu of derisively named entrees in (dis)honor of The Rog.

“Sauteed Red Snapper With A Side Of Privilege”

“Chicken a la Rog” (Burnt to a crisp and chopped to bits)

“Uncle Moe’s Million Dollar Bounty Fries”

“Surf and Turf and F*ck You, Roger Goodell”

And it wouldn’t kill them to put Goodell’s face on the restroom urinal cakes. This is just the beginning. This restaurant needs a sommelier of hatred. Someone well-versed in the hating arts, who can recommend the finest vintage of vitriol. I’m just the man for the job.

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