Do We Really Need “Smallville: Season 11?”

02.09.12 6 years ago

How “Smallville” stayed on the air for a decade is pretty much completely beyond us. Sure, the show wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either: generally ten-year runs are reserved for beloved shows and ridiculously cheap ones. That this was the network that cancelled “Angel” just adds salt to the wound.

Well, like all middling CW shows that vaguely appeal to nerds, apparently “Smallville” isn’t dead yet, and is getting a new “season” in the form of a digital comic.

Something tells us this is a favor to Pere Perez and Bryan Q. Miller, creative team on the Stephanie Brown “Batgirl”. Miller actually worked his way up the ranks in Smallville from intern to staff writer to executive story editor in five years. It also lets DC test out digital exclusive comics with Superman without having to risk ticking off any comic shops or Diamond.

So, this might actually be interesting, at least in how the implications shake out.

[ via the Midwestern types at Comics Alliance ]

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