Dogs And Cats Linking Together. Mass Hysteria.

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ABOVE: Did you like the hipster dog from yesterday?  Urlesque has several more.

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“Taiwanese Batman Sex Hotel”.  There’s nothing about that phrase I don’t like. [Filmdrunk]

Zach Galifianakis got a Mr. T haircut [WarmingGlow]

A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots – Appalachian League [WithLeather]

On Princeton University, “Hip-Hop 2.0” & Dr. Cornel West [TSS]

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What Are The World’s Scariest Crime Syndicates? [UGO]

Indianapolis Residents Flabbergasted by the Word “Sex” [TSJ]

When Being a Bully to Someone Twice Your Size Goes Wrong (video) [BroBible]

The 5 Most Famous Irish Actors. No Dermot Morgan? Down with this sort of thing. [EgoTV]

AFLAC fired Gilbert Gottfried for his Japan tsunami tweets.  Jokes about the Japan disaster?  Too tsunami. [WWTDD]

VIDEO BELOW: The greatest 4 seconds on the internet.  (Greatest 4 seconds off the internet?  Ask your mom.)  [via Arbroath]

[Inset picture via sofapizza]

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