Dogs and People Being Awesome and Links

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Bastardizing Greek Mythology For Wads Of Cash: The Game [Uproxx]

Will You Finally Pay For Porn? (over my dead, limp body!) [UproxxNews]

Charlie Sheen Dangerously Irresponsible Timeline (plus a brand new entry) [WarmingGlow]

More Charlie Sheen dirt [

This satire is long and vulgar as hell, just the way I like it [KSK]


This NBA Season: 12 Things To Watch [TSS]

13 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities [Buzzfeed]

Stuff You Should Know: The Future [TheSmokingJacket]

Debate of the Day: What Makes You Rage in Video Games? [Unreality]

The 15 Most Memorable Television Commercial Campaigns from the 1990s [Pajiba]

The 50 Most Epic Fail Halloween Costumes [UGO]

5 Completely Wrong Halloween Costumes. Oh, slutty costumes. Never change. [Geektress]

VIDEO BELOW: Five Minutes Of People Doing Awesome Things [via BestWeekEver]

[Pictures via Buzzfeed, more dogs attacking leaves there.]

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