Dolphins-Saints MNF Live Blog, First Half

09.30.13 4 years ago 1,008 Comments


Monday Night Football winds up with the most intriguing game of the week. That was likely by accident. Monday night games aren’t actually supposed to be watchable anymore. But that what happens the first few weeks of a season. Surprise teams emerge and sometimes end up playing each other in games thought to be fairly pedestrian when they were initially scheduled.

For the Saints, their return to respectability has been mostly credited to them no longer having a historically awful defense. How much they’ve improved has yet to be fully determined, as their three wins are over Arizona, Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Of those, only the Falcons have anything approaching a respectable attack. And, as we saw last night, the Falcons have a way of somehow being disappointing despite having perhaps the best arsenal of skill players in the league. The Saints offense is always going to be potent so there as there is a Breesus but it also helps that Jimmy Graham has been a meast candidate nearly every week so far this season.

While the Dolphins were thought to be a team on the rise in 2012, everyone expects the franchise that splurges in free agency to be setting themselves up for hilarious failure, especially when Jeff Ireland is the one doing the splurging. So far they’re proving the doubters wrong. Of course, there are some indications that the Dolphins early season success is a tad misleading and this team is destined to be the annual surprise out of the gates that hits the wall and dies on impact.

Ryan Tannehill is getting sacked almost an average of five times a game, so Rob Ryan will be encouraged to bring pressure as often as possible. The atmosphere in the dome should only contribute to that. It’s a big test for this Dolphins team to prove its as good as its record would indicate. At least they’ve shown an aptitude so far for eking out close wins.

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