Domingo Noche Jai Alai Noche En Los Estados Unitos

11.22.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Your Peter King breakdown will be along later in the morning. Sorry, no Drew again this week. Be sure to temper your expectations in advance. In the meantime, it’s high time we incorporate jai alai references made by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth into our SNF drinking games. Because we have – count ’em – TWO so far this season.

Last night, Michaels likened an awkward sidearm Eli Manning dumpoff throw to some sort of thing that happens in jai alai. A couple weeks ago an amazing Pierre Garcon one-handed catch got a throwaway jai alai reference. Sorry, you can blame my blinkered Amurrican sensibilities, but I have absolutely no clue how jai alai is played or why it might be exciting. I know Mr. Burns played it in that one episode of The Simpsons where he got a blood transfusion from Bart. That about sums up my exposure to the sport. But even from that I can glean that it’s not football. Not football at all.

Then again, that could help to explain why Michaels and Collinsworth have such an intimate relationship with the sport. Lucky for me that I’ve made it to the age that an NBC flunky wouldn’t even bother to sweep me away and harvest my blood to keep the SNF announcing team full of youthful vitality. How much do you think they would need to bring Summerall back? An entire kindergarten class?

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