Donovan McNabb Will Retire As An Eagle

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05.14.13 54 Comments

Sorry, Washington Redskins fans. Tough titties, Minnesota Vikings fans. I’m sure that you were all desperately wishing that when the day finally came, Donovan McNabb would choose to retire as a part of your franchises, but… hey, why are you guys all cheering and celebrating? Anyway, McNabb was a guest on ESPN Radio 97.7 on Monday, and he indeed revealed that he plans to retire as a Philadelphia Eagle when Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs visit Philadelphia on September 19. Supposedly.

So take note, fans of teams with crappy quarterback situations and people who still make Brett Favre jokes, we’re finally off the hook of the “Will he or won’t he” headlines and speculation, as well as rumors that McNabb’s phone ringer is on loud and he is accepting calls from desperate GMs.

Until that day comes, though, McNabb wants his old Eagles fans, who still cheered for and referred to him as their “boo” in his final days in Philadelphia, to know that he loves them, too.

“There was never any animosity from the Philly fans. The handful of fans that are the ones that are kind of being seen, they’re not a high percentage of fans who truly appreciate what you were able to do while you were there. I have nothing but love for the Philly fans, even the ones who were highly criticizing me or opinionated in any way. I can’t get upset at them because my job is to get out on the field and be productive. That’s what quarterbacking is all about.

“I will retire as an Eagle and I look forward to that opportunity and that day.” (Via the Post-Standard)

That almost brought a tear to my eye. No wait, sorry, my dog farted. But whether it happens on September 19 or next season or after McNabb changes his mind and brings the Arizona Cardinals back to a Top 3 pick in 2016, I just hope that Eagles fans welcome McNabb to retirement the same way they welcomed him to the NFL.

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