Don’t Drink And Drive, Don’t Drink And Fry, Josh Portis.

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Via Christmas Ape, still on vacation. 

Seattle PI reports Seahawks backup quarterback Josh Portis was arrested by Washington State Patrol for suspicion of drinking driving while under the influence back on Cinco de Mayo and will be arraigned next week in Redmond Courthouse. The trooper noted there was “a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle” and Portis had “watery bloodshot eyes.”

The trooper also wrote in the incident report a female passenger “stated Portis was a Seahawk player, and he did not have to get out of the car” when the officer asked Portis to get out of the vehicle.

“Portis asked me if I knew who he was and I stated yes,” the trooper wrote in the report. “(The passenger) exited the vehicle and began to cry. (The passenger) stated I was arresting a Seahawk, and I was going to ruin him. … (The passenger) shouted at me and stated she couldn’t believe that I was from Seattle, and was arresting a Seahawk.”

(Oooof. While not cited, let’s go ahead and guess she might have had an extra holiday margarita herself. Tequila can make you weepy if you’re not careful.)

Portis eventually complied with a field sobriety test but not a breath test. The Seattle Times reports the quarterback eventually submitted to two breath tests where that measured his blood alcohol readings as .092 and .078, above and then near the legal limit of .08 in Washington.

No word on if Portis had groceries in the back of his Ranger Rover for some ill-advised drinking and frying once he reached his destination.

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