Don’t Look Now, But Here Come The KSK Suicide Pools

09.01.08 9 years ago 35 Comments

Inumerable thanks to the cadre of commenters that volunteered to set up these pools for our contest. You, faithful reader, can register in any of these pools to be eligible for the KSK Suicide Pool contest. The winner will get a copy of my upcoming pamphlet, currently untitled, to be released in early 2009. And maybe some other shit.

Pick a group below to join, go here, and sign up. Those running the pools: feel free to identify your pool in the comments (sorry I didn’t do it myself). We’ll add pools to the board as more are created and pull off the ones that fill up to 50. Don’t cry about how you can’t get into a pool. These pools aren’t lifeboats on the Titanic; we’re maxing out all of them. Keep looking.

As for the rest of you, DO NOT sign up for more than one group. If you prove to be as dumb as the people we kicked out last year for this, I will find out where you live and drop a brown baby boy on your coffee table, or nearest furniture equivalent. I WILL FIND YOU. You know, time permitting.

Good luck to everyone, and don’t forget to pick a team fore Week 1 when you sign up.

Group ID#: 18583
Password: kissmesuzy

Group ID#: 18585
Password: 123FOOTBALL

Group ID#: 18586
Password: santonio

Group ID#: 18604
Password: kskpool

Group ID#: 18614
Password: dekerfootball

Group ID# = 18619
password = KSK17

Group ID#: 18649
Password: KSK17

Group ID#: 18592
Password: punte

Group ID#: 18656
Password: sbmvpwetsbed

Group ID#: 18658
Password: 12345

Group ID#: 18673
Password: ocho

Group ID#: 18695
Password: football

Group ID#: 18807
Password: godeep

Group ID#: 18864
Password: ballsballs

Group ID#: 18935
Password: bukkake

Group ID#: 19099
Password: muahsuzy

Group ID#: 18631
Password: pw1234

Group ID#: 19364
Password: 100ocs

Group ID#: 19392
Password: password

Group ID#: 18619
Password: KSK17

Group ID#: 20847
Password: suicide

Group ID#: 21091
Password: ksk17

Group ID#: 20677
Password: travishenrysfre

Group ID#: 22486
Password: Gocougs

Group ID#: 22491
Password: quinn

Group ID#: #24913
PW = drewfagery

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