Don’t Mess With Killa Kyleon

04.06.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Killa Kyleon and Joey Greco have an awful lot in common. They both share the same tenacity for in-your-face, straight-to-the-gut entrepreneurship that will leave you floored from the sheer volume of their work ethic. And they’re also liable to pop up up at any given moment in the largest livable state without warning, ready for the confrontation. But unlike Greco, Mr. Run It is above the sneaking and cheating and takes pride in “keepin’ it 100” with every pixel of art he displays in his music.

To get to know someone, you must first walk in their footsteps and spend some time like hourly wage. Equipped with a feverish online campaign and equally passionate studio grind, Killa Kyleon is an open book for the rap masses, giving you full access to a pilgrimage even he would admit has no limitation or ultimate destiny.

His latest adventures is one that surrounds his latest release, Candy Paint-N-Texas Plates, which finds the Houston Rocket sipping out of white cups in Nick Kicks during the SXSW festivities, celebrating the release of said mixtape with Rapid Ric in tow, and just congregating with his people as an upstanding citizen of Texas.

You can miss him with the spurs and cowboy boots. Strictly candy painted slabs and Texas tea for ya’boy.

Download – Killa Kyleon x Rapid Ric – Candy Paint-N-Texas Plates Mixtape

Killa Kyleon-White Cups from David Stunts on Vimeo.

Killa Kyleon/Rapid Ric Mixtape Release & RGK Collaboration Tee Release from David Stunts on Vimeo.

KILLA KYLEON (VIDEO) “Throwed Off (Freestyle)” from David Stunts on Vimeo.

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