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Long time readers might be aware that I’m the site’s resident Raiders fan. Being a Raiders fan used to be fun, but during the KSK-era it has been the source of derision and scorn heaped in my direction. However, with the passing of owner Al Davis yesterday, I want to focus on the entirety of Davis’ tenure with the organization.

Before Al Davis, the concept of firing an minority coach was a dream. Al Davis changed all that. In 1987, Davis became the first owner to fire a Hispanic coach when he bid ‘adios’ to Tom Flores. Some owners would be content to stop there, but not a trailblazer like Davis. Just a few short years later, he was the first to fire an African-American coach. Yes, every pink-slipped coach of color who would follow Art Shell can thank Mr. Davis. I’m looking at you, Tony Dungy.

Mr. Davis was progressive to his final days. Reportedly his final words were “I always wanted to sh1tcan a Chinaman.” One day, Mr. Davis, one day your vision will be realized.

Here are your early match-ups. Rated on the four-star system that is proven to be effective at accurately grading games according my super-subjective whims:

Tennessee at Pittsburgh **
Seattle at NY Giants **
Cincinnati at Jacksonville **
New Orleans at Carolina ***
Oakland at Houston ***
Philadelphia at Buffalo **
Kansas City at Indianapolis *
Arizona at Minnesota *

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