Don’t Worry Kids, You Don’t Have To Kick Your Stephenie Meyer Movie Habit Just Yet. Here Comes ‘The Host’

11.13.12 5 years ago

I guess she’s pale enough for a Stephenie Meyer movie. I guess.

The Twilight movies are coming to an end! Hooray! As glad as I am to see the series go, I realize this will mark the beginning of a difficult transitional process for many. An entire generation of teenagers have never been to the theatre to watch a movie that doesn’t contain sexy vampires — the crossover to real movies is going to be tough.

Thankfully next March you’ll be getting some Stephenie Meyer methadone in the form of The Host. The movie, and book on which it’s based, are about aliens that take over people’s bodies and the girl that fends them off with her hu-man emotions and, possibly, the power of Mormonism. Hit the jump for a new trailer…


Well, Saoirse Ronan certainly has more personality than Kristen Stewart. Granted, a used dishrag also has more personality than Kristen Stewart, so that’s a bit of a backhanded compliment. Saoirse is also cuter. Yeah, I know, still sort of faint praise. Oh, also The Host is being directed by the guy who did Gattaca, which is something I guess? Baby steps, baby steps.

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