Do’s and Don’t’s

10.28.06 11 years ago 14 Comments
Never turn down free money or p*ssy

That’s what an old cat told me.

I remembered it.

So when we get approached about giving you stuff for free, we pass it along because we want you to have the chance to get it…

“Ya’ll rappin and rhymin/I’m tellin life stories motherfucker…”

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Lil Boosie’s new cd, Bad Azz, recently released and it’s solid effort. More of what we expect from him – aggression, lyrical intensity, wang for the trunk and good music.

Gettin the ball rollin early, “When You Gone Drop” addresses all the questions, hate and the future for Boosie. “My Nigga” harkens back to some of his older material that should satisfy diehards as he proclaims love and loyalty to his crew. And it wouldn’t be Boosie w/o songs about, not for, the ladies – “That’s What They Like” and “Distant Lover”, but all the hood chicks will naturally be singin along to these joints. Thugs will rock with the reminscing on “I Remember” and bass and synth sounds of “Soft To Hard.”

The prime cut on the album has to be “Fuck You” where every MC who touches the mic spits unquestionable fire. Boosie and Webbie put one in the mind of a younger Southern version of M.O.P. when you hear’em together on a track – you know you’re gonna get guns, animosity and in your face lyrics.

We’ve been consistently ridin for Boosie and his labelmate Webbie as they represent what could potentially be the next wave of Southern legends who the nation doesn’t catch on to until years later. And right now, we’re gonna make sure at least FIVE people get a copy of the disc.

All you have to do is answer the following question…

Lil Boosie is signed to Trill Entertainment, a label founded in part by what other Southern rap legend?

Enter your answer @

In a few days, we’ll go thru and pick FIVE winners. But if you want to be in that number, you’ve got to drop your name in the e-hat.

The first time I encountered Shareefa’s music, it was months ago via press release. I read DTP, Ludacris protege, some song and simply bypassed it.

Fast forward a few months later to when I heard her song Need A Boss on the radio. In the car, I knew off top, “this song is gonna be a nice lil radio hit”…serious, pulsating beat…Luda on the feature…and a chick who could hold her own, spittin with vigor about the kinda man she wanted/needed. Needless to say I felt like radio had beat me to the punch when they called out the name of the song, as I listened all the way thru just to catch the info – Shareefa – “Need A Boss.

Determined not to allow anyone else to miss the boat and write her off as another protege, we’re gonna give away TWO copies of Shareefa’s album, Point Of No Return.

No catches. Just put “Point Of No Return” in the subject line and email us @ and we’ll pick two good folks to recieve a copy.

Rawkus Records is attempting to make a return to it’s once prominent position of representing the rawer side of hip-hop.

The second group signed to the label on it’s return – Panacea. Reppin from D.C., the duo is a throwback to the De La and Tribe days of hip-hop.

Can they bring Rawkus back and rep the razor blade properly? Quite possibly. The uptempo jammin of “Ink Is My Drink” is creating a buzz in backpacks and Ipods on the under. And some of their other tracks (I’m fuckin w/”Coulda Shoulda Woulda” and “Classic“) take a new direction for hip-hop which is always a good thing to see…
But we’ll let you decide because we’re giving away FIVE copies of their new album Ink Is My Drink.



Subject line – Ink Is My Drink. Email –


MTV is back back to giving away more free music. Say word.

This time with a contest that includes roundtrip airfare, a laptop an mp3 player and some more stuff but there’s other prizes as well.

Even if you don’t win, you can still get free downloads this week, courtesy of their Discover And Download program so give it a look.


And don’t forget about us, because we’re giving away an Ipod Shuffle…

Mailing List ONLY though homie.

Sign up now because details will be going out shortly and you’ll want to be down.

Membership has it’s privileges as they say….

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