Douchebag Sports Bars Are Hot Right Now

11.30.11 6 years ago 38 Comments

Oh God, he’s worse than a Steeler fan.

That’s according to the New York Post, which has noticed an uptick in these sports themed lounge/clubs. And by “has noticed” I mean, “were told about.” By PR people.

Stop by Bounce Sporting Club on any given Sunday and you’ll likely find a bunch of guys hanging out, eating duck confit sliders and ordering Grey Goose by the bottle. Look closer, past the DJ booth and the girls in heels, and you’ll see this is no night at the Roxbury — it’s football day, and the fans are there to watch. This is Sports Bar 2.0, a place where colorful cocktails and 10-spice, twice-fried Korean chicken have replaced cheap beer and 10-cent wings.

Well that all sounds horrible, Korean fried chicken notwithstanding.

On Sundays at the Ainsworth, it’s a nonstop halftime show under the chandeliers — when game sound is replaced by a thumping DJ.

Holy crap, they found something worse than Jim Mora Jr.

An absence of game sound is a hallmark of the new breed of sports bar — and a boon to many patrons, about half of whom are women (with or without dates).

Because girls don’t like football, duh. Turn on the Kardashians!

That’s part of the appeal for Kirsten Bohme, 27, a marketing coordinator for Diane von Furstenberg who recently sipped on a Red Bull and vodka at the Fulton. Though she doesn’t exactly dislike football, she admits she’s more into “the good vibe and the great music.”

Then why the f*ck are you at a sports bar at one in the afternoon on a Sunday? This is what I get for clicking a link to the New York Post. They make it seem like the two choices in sports bars are this or a frat house that only serves Bud Light and reheated chicken wings. If you’re in New York and you want to watch football, just go to a normal sports bar like Legends. Want something fancier than beer? That’s why we have whiskey.

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