Doug Martin Is Now A Christmas Hamster

12.13.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

Buccaneers running back and notorious muscle hamster, Doug Martin, appears to have acquired a holiday appropriate onesie. Is he planning to reprise the role of of the angry midget elf from “Bad Santa”? I certainly hope so. Yeah, I know that, at 5’9″, Doug Martin is not actually a midget, just tiny relative to other NFL behemoths. But I imagine it’ll work because the rest of this imaginary “Bad Santa” remake will be done with other NFL players. Jay Cutler works quite well in Billy Bob’s role. And you could have some uptight, priggish white dude like Roger Goodell or Jim Nantz in place of John Ritter.

Or there’s this:

In other intersections of holiday stuff and the NFL, Brandon Marshall arrived at a press conference on Wednesday with a tiny pathetic-looking tree with an attached music box that played Vince Guaraldi Trio’s theme for “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. He then launched into a rumination about how that tiny tree is a metaphor for the Bears’ season: tiny yet hopeful, and probably pissed on by Catler.

There’s video of the press conference, which I attached after the jump because it’s one of those stupid autoplay videos.

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