Doughbeezy Ft. Killa Kyleon – “Feel Free” Video

07.08.14 3 years ago

Everything about Doughbeezy’s new video for “Feel Free” is on point.

First of all, the camera work by director Lil Justin is crystal clear, which makes the wire wheels on Dough’s old school simply glisten in Houston’s steamy summer sun. Secondly, Beezy’s quick-change flow sounds even more effortless when he’s riding a lowrider bike down the middle of a residential street. Finally, if Killa Kyleon’s hook wasn’t intimidating enough when you first heard it on Doughbeezy’s Footprints On The Moon mixtape, seeing that beastly trap star embracing hate in person only ups the ante.

Feel free to knock this one, but we don’t recommend it.

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