Astro aka Astronomical Kid – Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics Mixtape

02.18.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

To the bewilderment of no long-time visitors to this corner of the web, Astro’s a youngin’ we’ve kept tabs on for awhile and will continue to do so until he either goes crazy or ventures into techno. The release of his newest project DeadBeats & Lazy Lyrics is quite the surprise off the strength of it catching me off guard, which isn’t a bad thing whatsoever in this case. It’ll definitely get some burn in the gym tonight; a place where I’ve discovered over the years is the best place to listen to music second only to the car.

With production from 9th Wonder, BrandUn DeShay, ThatLoserLaron, MF Doom and even three records concocted by himself, a wide array of sounds and instrumentation is present. Hopefully, this allows for Astro’s 12-track tape to translate into one of the quicker, easier and more fulfilling musical journeys of the still young “new” year.

DownloadAstro aka Astronomical Kid – Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Tech)

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