What Can Boog Brown Do For You?

12.21.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Round about the time I was a hipster-wipster slam poet, there was this open mic night that brought out a smattering of locals every Sunday, and the best among us was yet another elle-cee.

There was Rapper McRedHead, MC Baldilocks, Rusty Fizzle Televizzle, Ren and Ten, me, and then this woman; this MC who rocked the mic so hard the hairs on the back of your neck would spring forth whole ponytails of life. Magnetic and awe-inspiring, this woman made every man in the room look as lack-luster and underwhelming a group of rappers as the St. Lunatics.

Her name was Elsie Swan a.k.a. Boog Brown. She came from Detroit. And she meant it.

I’ve never been mired in jealously or envy or in want of anything, so telling Boog she was the most talented woman I knew after the first time we met was as easy and natural a sentiment as any I’ve given to another artist. I’ve known a lot of talented rappers — male and female alike — but she stood out with the juxtaposition of her humility and bravado. Her timidity and gregariousness. Her raw unpolished edges and silky smooth swagger.

I suppose there’s only one negative emotion I’m overcome with in writing this, and it’s self-flagellation that I’ve taken so long to introduce her to you. Perhaps my frequent hiatuses followed by lengthy sabbaticals have made my word shaky at best and mud at worst, but I promise you, if you’ve ever valued my word than you’ll trust me on Boog. This ATL via Detroit MC is the hard-hitting reply I’d like to send to the 2011 in front of us. Punch the year right in the face before it even gets here with “Masterplan” from her debut album The Brown Study.


Boog Brown – “Masterplan” (Prod. by Apollo Brown)

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