Brown’s ‘7:22’ EP Is One Of 2014’s Most Overlooked Gems

06.25.14 3 years ago 20 Comments

Brown 722 Cover

Roughly two months ago, April 20 to be exact, Brown’s 7:22 EP fell directly in my inbox. The cosign came from a reliable source in my buddy Eric. Clicking play came with the conservative reservation of expecting the unexpected.

It was either going to suck, prompting Eric and I to go back to arguing about basketball, or 7:22 was going to be a hidden ruby lost in the blinding speed of the Internet and most listener’s hesitations to afford new artists the time of day, fairly and unfairly.

Well, 7:22 was that hidden ruby. The reasons?

1. This was an actual EP. Six tracks. In-and-out. Saying what he had to say and getting the hell out. Providing a taste while leaving the listener interested in seconds. Mission accomplished. This wasn’t one of those EPs that come with 10-11 tracks. That’s an album.

2. The “everyday man” vibe on “The Dollar Menu Ballad” is believable as hell. Almost painfully believable. It’s undoubtedly become one of the slept on audio nuggets from 2014 perhaps because of how easy it is to see a small slice of yourself, albeit currently or in the past, in lyrics like:

“That minimum wage ain’t cutting it dog
You feel how I feel then you f*ck with me dog
Naysayers and all the doubters you made me greater
But f*ck all of y’all
Look, I’m too close I came too far to turn back now
I got my fam through thick and thin
I’m the whole spine so I can’t back down…”

3. If “Dollar Menu” stands as the project’s highlight, then “The Line” is running neck-and-neck. The D’Angelo sample is filthy and the Nashville MC floats with small hints of inspiration from some of the South’s most respected of OGs.

Having dropped in February, we’re all “late.” Not that I think Brown cares.

Give it a spin. Clocking in at a smidgen over 20 minutes, it’ll at least drown out the coworker, who won’t stop talking about their kids, until its time to go to lunch.

DownloadBrown – 7:22 EP

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