C.O.I.N. Handlers Present New Music From Ro Spit, Dusty McFly & More

04.04.13 5 years ago

Photo By: AJ Photography

For years, many of Detroit’s biggest radio rappers have gotten almost zero love outside the metro area. Thankfully, certain people have undertaken the task of bridging that mainstream gap and taking this talent to the limelight into their own hands. One collective making such strides is the C.O.I.N. Handlers.

A management and marketing company based out of MI’s major market, these unified minds recently brought together some of the 313’s most popular local artists for the release party of their latest project, Loose Change Vol. 1. To kick off the event, in the know folk were invited to the Handlers’ extremely fresh Oak Park studio stomping grounds, to mix and mingle with featured artists like Ro Spit of Burn Rubber, Duty Mcfly (“I’m Out Here”) and DJ BJ, as well as enjoy some blessed amenities.

However, between the catered spread of soul food, outstanding networking opportunities and booming new singles from both the aforementioned artists and multifaceted new jacks like MoeZ’art – the best part of the event was seeing a city that’s notorious for not getting along, working towards something bigger than themselves. The comradery was real, the music was dope and the event was definitely a step in the right direction for everyone involved.

To hear the Motor City’s engine purring for yourself, check out C.O.I.N.’s Loose Change Vol. 1 compilation below, which features a slew of tracks that would work well in any major market around the country, but just happen to come from the one and only dirty glove.

DownloadC.O.I.N. Handlers Presents: Loose Change

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