Coop Take Off On Em x Starlito – Produced By Coop: The Starlito Tape

12.07.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Through the years and all the highs and lows associated with his career, one thing about Starlito’s music has remained – Coop’s presence on production. As an advocate for Star’s sounds, it’s always tough to pinpoint a starting place when someone asks “What songs should I check for?”* From now on, I’ll refer them to Produced By Coop: The Starlito Tape, the project produced entirely by the Nashville producer.

As a whole, the tape’s covers a good number of the records the two have done together and showcases what the duo does best together: Star go bumper cars over deep, rich production by Coop. Just as an example, Lito raps his ass off on “Shout Ur Name,” which also leads me to think that these two together make nothing but Notable Quotable content.

DownloadCoop Take Off On Em – Produced By Coop: The Starlito Tape

* – Sounds like an All-Star Primer entry might be due, no?

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